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The 'World Recycling' company is prepared to provide solutions for all aspects of recycling for factories and companies.

Since its establishment in 1994 'World Recycling' provides diverse services in all areas of recycling. Whose main activity is cable and metals recycling and electronic waste.

  • Unique solutions for all types of materials and equipment intended for recycling, shredding and disposal (metals, cables, electronics, computers, paper, plastic, etc.).
  • Handling industrial waste, including hazardous liquids and materials.
  • Disposal of disqualified goods and commodities in retail and food industries.
  • Scrap purchase.
  • A comprehensive solution for factories, handling all types of waste for the organization.
  • Nationwide layout for waste collection and transportation that includes trucks and diverse collection facilities. An efficient system that provides quality while maintaining the organization's confidentiality.
  • 'World Recycling' provide a particularly high quality of service and adherence to schedule is without compromise.
  • The recycling process is made to retain customer interests while maintaining the confidentiality of the process and information that is in the recycled materials.
  • The company owns the following licenses and permits: business license, toxin permits, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, transport license (for hazardous materials).

Areas of Practice

Recycling cables and copper Shredding and disposal
Electronic waste recycling Handling of hazardous materials
Metals recycling

Scrap purchase

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